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bare ruined choirs

The history of Arbroath Abbey dates back to the year 1178 when King William I founded the monastery. As well as expanding his control through Scotland he wanted to honour the memory of his childhood friend Saint Thomas Becket who was murdered on 29 December 1170 in Canterbury Cathedral in England. Arbroath Abbey was built to what could be described as Gothic Architecture with three towers and the length of the Abbey was about 90 metres. The dedication of the church took place on the 8 May 1233. The two flanking towers were identical but the North Tower was raised after storm damage in 1272 which also destroyed parts of St Andrews Cathedral.


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A church in Bavaria

Furstenfeldbruck Church

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Will WikiLeaks unravel the American ‘secret government’?
By Jijo Jacob


November 26, 2010 – The U.S. Department of State is working overtime sending messages to ally capitals warning the impending release of classified documents by WikiLeaks could harm relations in what is seen as a pre-emptive move of unprecedented scale to neutralize the impact of the unveiling of embarrassing and compromising details about the inner workings of the government apparatus. After making shattering revelations about the U.S. policy — and its practice — in Iraq and Afghanistan, WikiLeaks seems to be targeting this time the core of the U.S. government machinery, especially the subterranean diplomatic channels it employs while cutting deals and enforcing compliance in world capitals…
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Never ending tragedy


Iraqi Christians fleeing to Turkey
Thomas Seibert


November 27, 2010 – …”We received a threat by some people” in Iraq, Mr Khawaja, a 37, an engineer who works as a volunteer at a Christian charity in Istanbul, said this week. “There is no security. Sometimes when you go out in Baghdad, you cannot even be sure that you can return home,” Mr Khawaja said. “They are killing Christians every day in Iraq.” In his new job, Mr Khawaja meets many other Iraqi refugees who have been flocking to Turkey and who sometimes bring news from Baghdad, most of it grim. “Just the other week, I spoke with some people here who told me our house in Baghdad had been bombed,” he said. “It’s gone.” There are about 3,800 Christian Iraqi refugees in Turkey at the moment, according to the Chaldean-Assyrian Association, or Kader, the charity where Mr Khawaja works. Many more have fled to Arab-speaking neighbours of Iraq, but Turkey is attracting a growing number of them lately despite the language barrier. Since the attacks on churches in Baghdad earlier this month, 300 to 400 Iraqi Christians have knocked on the association’s door in Istanbul. “There were two families last week,” Mr Khawaja said. “One had nine members, the other 13.”…
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Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s bedlam around the house this morning. My daughter Irene is going to Morocco for her second semester, junion year of college, so her sister Genny brought her a bunch of appropriate fashion-wear for living in an Arabic country. They had a fashion show this morning.

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Here are some paintings by Larry Henderson’s (see below) friend, the artist AY Jackson.

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Another home on Westmount….

and another……

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